Spring 2015

Ashley Papagno


M&M Program Coordinator

Year: Senior

Internships: Walt Disney World, Coach, Gateway Ticketing  UK

Why do you love ISE?  ISE allows me to combine my passions for communication, critical thinking, and analysis. Each unique challenge focuses on improving a business, while interacting with employees of all levels. As an ISE, I can be at the forefront of change and make a real difference in a company!

Something interesting about yourself? My dream is to run a charity!


Fran Comparini

VP Internal Affairs

Year: Senior

 Why do you love ISE? I love ISE because it opens up so many opportunities to work in almost any industry. It is all about efficiency, innovative thinking and making the best of what you’ve got.

Something interesting about yourself?   I love hiking. I reached 130 miles on the Appalachian Trail this past summer and my dream is to finish the whole AT which is 2,200 miles.

 Daniel Shirley

VP External Affairs 

 Year: Junior

Internships: Orlando Health, Walt Disney World

Why do you love ISE?  ISE is the perfect major because it allows me to pursue different fields while still focusing on my main goal which is creating efficient processes to give the customer the best possible experience.

Something interesting about yourself? I built an electric guitar (replica 1957 Goldtop Les Paul) taking me 1.5 years.

Pham's Headshot 2

 Thanh Uyen Pham


 Year: Sophomore

Why do you love ISE? ISE is the perfect blend between the business and engineering world. With my inclination to immerse myself in both disciplines, ISE is the best of both worlds for me.

Something interesting about yourself? My goal for the 2014 year is to learn enough HTML and JavaScript and C++ to create a running application.


Julisia Hernandez

Communications Director

 Year: Sophomore

Why do you love ISE?  I love ISE because of the optimization aspect and improving processes through analysis. It is amazing because of the wide spread possibilities at the tip of our hand.

Something interesting about yourself? I’ve camped right off of the part of the Amazon River that is in Peru.

Hammaad Saber

Networking Chair

Year: Senior

Internships: Disney – Facilities and Operations Services

Why do you love ISE?   ISE initially attracted me due to its versatility and push for efficiency. It’s a rewarding discipline that incorporates both engineering and business elements. As an ISE, I can receive and pursue opportunities to innovate, broaden my horizons, and interact with various individuals. This discipline is especially exciting given that my work can be greatly beneficial to the growth and success of a company!

Something interesting about yourself?  I am an Innovation Academy student!

Katie Campbell

Chapter Development Chair



Why do you love ISE?   ISE, to me, is the most social of the engineering majors.  It allows me to combine my interests in business and efficiency and I still get to take the classes I enjoy, like physics and math.  ISE is a great option for students who can’t choose between the Business and Engineering schools. 

Something interesting about yourself?    I fix iPhones as a side job.

Sara Wortman

Chapter Development Chair

Year: Sophomore

Why do you love ISE?   I love ISE because it allows you to participate in many different industries and interact with a lot of people from different backgrounds.

Something interesting about yourself?  I hiked my first 14,000 mountain this summer in Colorado.



 Alex Meadows


Year: Sophomore

Why do you love ISE? Industrial and Systems is the perfect combination of problem solving, mathematics, and business…but is also the most fun. As a math and science nerd who loves meeting new people and facing challenges, there is no other way to go.

Something interesting about yourself?  I love music – I play guitar and piano, and I go to concerts and festivals as much as I can!


Mary Sullivan

Fundraising Director

Year: Sophomore

Internships: NASA

Why do you love ISE?  I really like the fact that you can do such a wide variety of jobs with an ISE degree because it mixes engineering and business. This versatility is really exciting and will hopefully provide an interesting future!

Something interesting about yourself?   I love to play tennis, sail and travel. 


Adam Napoletano

BEC Representative

 Year: Freshman

Why do you love ISE?   ISE is great because you get a mix between business and engineering. I also enjoy improving processes by making them more efficient, so ISE sounds great to me.

Something interesting about yourself? I love spending time outdoors and I especially like to run, ski, and kayak.


Dylan Jurski

Athletics Director

Year: Sophomore

Why do you love ISE?  I always looked for ways to make things faster, and come up with a plan of action. I came to UF with a love of math and science which lead me to engineering, but not to a specific major. Then Freshman year in Intro to Engineering, I was told that there was an Engineering field that was exactly what I loved to do!

Something interesting about yourself? I was interviewed by Diane Sawyer while the Republican National Convention was in Tampa and she actually tweeted out a photo of my cross country team and me being interviewed.