Fall 2015

Daniel Shirley


Year: Senior

Internships: Orlando Health, The Walt Disney Company

Why do you love ISE? ISE is the perfect major because it allows me to pursue different fields while still focusing on my main goal which is to create an excellent customer experience through efficient processes.

Something interesting about yourself? It took be 1.5 years to build an electric guitar (replica 1957 Goldtop Les Paul)


Katie Campbell

VP Internal Affairs

Year: Senior

Internships: CitiBank Operations Analyst Intern this summer in NYC

 Why do you love ISE? Before arriving at UF, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to pursue a Business major or an Engineering major. While taking summer classes after my freshman year, I met a few students studying Industrial Engineering, which I soon found out is the perfect mix of both business and engineering! I immediately switched my major and have been happy ever since. I have a great support group of fellow industrial engineering students, find the subject matter engaging and practical, and love how applicable my classes are to the real world.

Something interesting about yourself? I run my own iPhone and iPad repair service, called An Apple A Day. Email me if you need a screen replacement!


 Edmur Sayedul Huq

VP External Affairs 

 Year: Junior

Internships: General Electric Appliances

Why do you love ISE? Industrial and Systems Engineering is known for being one of the most versatile engineering fields. Being able to impact various industries such as manufacturing, finance, and healthcare and being able to work on cross-functional teams are the reasons why I enjoy it.

Something interesting about yourself? I was the first member of my family to be born in America.


 Edward Morfa


 Year: Junior

Internships: Procter & Gamble – Product Supply – Supply Networks Operations (2 times)

Why do you love ISE? ISE offers me with the perfect tool to optimize systems. By optimizing a process I am able to not only save time, energy, and money, but also simplify the process and make it more effective and efficient. I also love ISE because of its people, they are caring and passionate individual who just want to to make life easier for everyone around them.

Something interesting about yourself? Senior year of High School I represented the State of Florida in a National Culinary Competition and one day I would love to open my own Hispanic Restaurant.


Alex Meadows

Communications Director

 Year: Junior

Internships: Jacobs Space Operations Group (NASA TOSC)

Why do you love ISE? Industrial and Systems is the perfect combination of problem solving, mathematics, and business…but is also the most fun. As a math and science nerd who loves meeting new people and facing challenges, there is no other way to go

Something interesting about yourself? I love music – I play guitar and piano, and I go to concerts and festivals as much as I can!

Sara Wortman

M&M Coordinator

Year: Junior

Why do you love ISE?  I love ISE because it allows you to participate in many different industries and interact with a lot of people from different backgrounds.

Something interesting about yourself? I hiked my first 14,000 mountain this summer in Colorado.


Thomas Zobrosky

Networking Chair

Year: Junior

Internships: Walt Disney World Industrial Engineering

Why do you love ISE? ISE provides one with so many opportunities in the workforce. I believe it creates the most intuitive and creative thinkers, who will all go on to one day become great leaders.

Something interesting about yourself? I once was apart of a Flying Trapeze school for about a year, it was the most interesting thing I have done.


Kaela Byrne

Chapter Development Chair


Year: Junior

Why do you love ISE?  As an ISE, I love that my skills are transferable to many different fields such as healthcare, manufacturing, or distribution. I can’t wait to get started as an Industrial and Systems Engineer.

Something interesting about yourself? I’ve been a tap dancer my whole life and I continue to keep it up by being the Vice President of Stomp the Swamp, the UF rhythm tap dancing club.

Adam Napoletano

Chapter Development Chair

Year: Sophomore

Internships: Havpak Inc

Why do you love ISE? ISE attracted me because I enjoy the rigor of engineering but also wanted to have a familiarity with business. I also love the versatility of the major.

Something interesting about yourself? I’m trying to improve my rock climbing ability.  


 Travis DeMint


Year: Sophomore

Internships: .decimal

Why do you love ISE? ISE is great because it opens up a variety of possible jobs in almost any industry and all the people in the major are so much fun.

Something interesting about yourself? I once spent a night in a cave in Tennessee.



Anna Kiriazes

Fundraising Director

Year: Senior

Internships: Nelson Engineering Co.

Why do you love ISE?  ISE is the perfect combination of business and engineering. It has introduced my to a variety of career paths, giving me lots of choices for my future!

Something interesting about yourself? I passed out in a Chipotle once and got two free burritos. Worth it.



Jeff Streitmatter IV

BEC Representative

 Year: Junior
Internships: Carollo Engineers

Why do you love ISE? I love ISE because it approaches real-world issues with a practical, mathematically-based mindset. It teaches you how to think and how to generate logical solutions to everyday problems. ISE attracts such a wide variety of people, and this diversity demonstrates the many applications of the degree.

Something interesting about yourself? I’m a cellist!



Mary Sullivan

Athletics Director

Year: Sophomore

Internships: NASA

Why do you love ISE?  I love the combination of business and engineering and I believe that major allows you a wide variety of jobs. The versatility of the degree is exciting and will hopefully provide an interesting future.

Something interesting about yourself? I got to sit in the cockpit of the Space Shuttle Atlantis before its retirement.