Spring 2014

erikErik Hughes

Year: Junior

Internship:  Procter & Gamble 

Why do you love ISE? I appreciate how the efficient organization and presentation of data and information can be a game-changing advantage in today’s state of business. As ISEs, we learn how to effectively collect, analyze, and present information that uncovers business insights and is used to solve tough problems which, together, gives us a leg up on the competition.

Something interesting about yourself? I’m a pilot.

catCatherine Infantolino
VP Internal Affairs

Year: Junior

Internships: Walt Disney World
Fall 2012 (Line of Business- Food and Beverage)
Summer 2013 (Sales and Travel Operations, Resorts, and Water Parks)

 Why do you love ISE? ISE combines all of my favorite things: efficiency, people, problem solving, and excel. Having a career where you enjoy your day to day work is a must for me and luckily I have found the major that will make that happen!

Something interesting about yourself? I have 5 siblings.

Harrison Sims
VP External Affairs

Year: Junior

Why do you love ISE? ISE is great because it is one of the most versatile degrees and allows you to work in almost any industry. It connects technology to business operations and the small components of industry to the big picture. These business and technical skills make ISE’s captains of efficiency and leaders of modern industry.

Something interesting about yourself? I used to sing in a barbershop quartet 


Jarily Alvarez

Year: Junior

Why do you love ISE?  What I love about ISE is that it’s a little bit of everything. As ISE majors we are basically taught to think out of the box, which is SOO COOLL! I also see this trait it in our characters when I meet with other ISE majors in the lounge or during IIE meetings. They are just AWESOME! :)  

Something interesting about yourself?  I absolutely LOVE to sing!!

Fontaine Officer Picture

Dylan Fontaine
Communications Director

Year: Sophomore

Why do you love ISE? I love ISE because it gives me a wide range of opportunities. I can work in almost any industry as an ISE and I enjoy solving problems and making things more efficient.

Something interesting about yourself? I have an identical twin that is also majoring in ISE. He looks exactly like me.


Ashley Papagno
M&M Program Coordinator

Year: Junior

Internship: Walt Disney World, Coach

Why do you love ISE?  ISE allows me to combine my passions for communication, critical thinking, and analysis. Each unique challenge focuses on improving a business, while interacting with employees of all levels. As an ISE, I can be at the forefront of change and make a real difference in a company!

Something interesting about yourself? My dream is to run a charity!


Edmuradam Sayedul Huq
Chapter Development Chair

Year: Freshman

Why do you love ISE? Improving is the key to success and ISE preaches that. I have always tried to find new ways to make things faster, more organized, and more efficient. When I heard about this major, there was no doubt that it was the one for me.

Something interesting about yourself? I was on a game show.


Daniel Shirley
Chapter Development Chair

Year: Sophmore

Why do you love ISE? ISE allows me to pair my two passions, engineering and business, into one intense major that qualifies me to work in any field. It gives you the opportunity to make a significant impact on a business by improving the logistics and quality of their processes.

Something interesting about yourself? I built a replica Gibson Gold-top Les Paul electric guitar from a block of maple.


Mark Hettig

Year: Junior

Internship: Duke Energy, Voalte

 Why do you love ISE?  I love the opportunity to step back and look at the big picture and ideally make a difference in the experience someone has. Industrial Engineering provides limitless opportunities in countless different industries. It allows students to develop deep technical skills while encouraging a broad understanding of general engineering, business, and finance.

Something interesting about yourself? I did drama and musical theatre in high school, and I thoroughly enjoy geocaching.



Dorian De La Vega
Fundraising Director

Year: Senior

 Internship: University House

 Why do you love ISE? The idea of being at the forefront in improving technology and the logistics of today’s fast paced world is exactly where I want to be. And ISE gives me the tools and capability to lead the field and follow my passion

Something interesting about yourself? Saw my favorite soccer player in the world, Leo Messi, play in a world cup qualifier match in my home country. One more item off my bucket list.

Hernandez OIfficer Picture

Julisia Hernandez
BEC Representative

Year: Freshman

 Why do you love ISE? There is an array of possibilities on how to improve something that is used by millions of people and that is all in the hands of an industrial and systems engineer.

Something interesting about yourself? I’m Peruvian.



Kory Harb
ISE SAC Representative

Year: Senior

Internships:  Lockheed Martin, Disneyland Resort, Anheuser Busch

Why do you love ISE? I chose ISE because of the versatility it provides with career paths. It allows you to go into virtually any industry and solve vastly different problems. ISE takes the scientific problem-solving method used by all engineers in their respective disciplines and applies it to all problems encountered in any industry. This, along with the combination of business and engineering makes it the most versatile and interesting degree available.


Duckworth Officer Picture

Kayla Duckworth
Networking Director

Year: Sophomore

Internship: Ancerra Corporation

Why do you love ISE? I’ve always had a midset focused on efficiency and productiveness; finding a better way was a challenge I presented myself with constantly. That’s what ISE is about and I knew, right away, that it was a perfect fit!

Something interesting about yourself? In high school I raised show hogs!

Comparini Officer Picture
Fran Comparini
Athletics Director

Year: Junior

Why I love ISE: I love ISE because it opens up so many opportunities to work in almost any industry. It is all about efficiency, innovative thinking and making the best of what you’ve got.

Something interesting about me:  I rowed my first two years for the UF Rowing Team.