Fall 2014

Ashley Papagno


Year: Senior

Internships: Walt Disney World, Coach, Gateway Ticketing  UK

Why do you love ISE?  ISE allows me to combine my passions for communication, critical thinking, and analysis. Each unique challenge focuses on improving a business, while interacting with employees of all levels. As an ISE, I can be at the forefront of change and make a real difference in a company!

Something interesting about yourself? My dream is to run a charity!


Fontaine Officer Picture

Dylan Fontaine

VP Internal Affairs

Year: Junior

Internships: Lockheed Martin, Raytheon

Why do you love ISE? I love ISE because it gives me a wide range of opportunities. I can work in almost any industry as an ISE and I enjoy solving problems and making things more efficient.

Something interesting about yourself? I have an identical twin that is also majoring in ISE. He looks exactly like me.

Duckworth Officer Picture

Kayla Duckworth

VP External Affairs 

Year: Junior

Internships: Ancerra Corporation, Lockhead Martin, Raytheon

Why do you love ISE? I’ve always had a midset focused on efficiency and productiveness; finding a better way was a challenge I presented myself with constantly. That’s what ISE is about and I knew, right away, that it was a perfect fit!

Something interesting about yourself? In high school I raised show hogs!

Comparini Officer Picture

Fran Comparini


Year: Senior

 Why do you love ISE? I love ISE because it opens up so many opportunities to work in almost any industry. It is all about efficiency, innovative thinking and making the best of what you’ve got.

Something interesting about yourself?  I rowed my first two years for the UF Rowing Team.




Edmuradam Sayedul Huq

Communications Director

Year: Sophomore

Why do you love ISE? Improving is the key to success and ISE preaches that. I have always tried to find new ways to make things faster, more organized, and more efficient. When I heard about this major, there was no doubt that it was the one for me.

Something interesting about yourself? I was on a game show.

 Ashlynn Sorority

Ashlynn Figura

M&M Program Coordinator

Year: Senior (5th year)

Internship: Coca-Cola Refreshments

Why do you love ISE? I love how we are taught numerous analytical and logistical techniques that we can use and apply in almost any industry.  Additionally, there are always new and challenging problems to tackle, which makes being an ISE so exciting!    

Something interesting about yourself?  My mom taught me how to swim before I was a year old and I have loved swimming ever since:) 



Pham's Headshot 2

Thanh-Uyen Pham

Chapter Development Chair

Year: Sophomore

Why do you love ISE? ISE is the perfect blend between the business and engineering world. With my inclination to immerse myself in both disciplines, ISE is the best of both worlds for me.

Something interesting about yourself? My goal for the 2014 year is to learn enough HTML and JavaScript and C++ to create a running application.

 Edward Morfa

Edward Morfa

Chapter Development Chair

Year: Sophomore
Internship: Proctor & Gamble
Why do you love ISE? ISE offers countless opportunities in many fields becuase it combines Engineering and Business. I like the ability to increase efficiency and optimize systems because it is both challenging and rewarding for me. 
Something interesting about yourself? During high school I represented the state of Florida in a National Culinary competition and one day I want to open my own restaurant.


Edward J. Williams III


Year: Junior

 Why do you love ISE?  I love the opportunity to step back and look at the big picture and ideally make a difference in the experience someone has. Industrial Engineering provides limitless opportunities in countless different industries. It allows students to develop deep technical skills while encouraging a broad understanding of general engineering, business, and finance.

Something interesting about yourself? I’ve been to Beijing, China and I am an avid golf player on my free time.


Libby Headshot

Libby Swanson

Fundraising Director

Year: Junior

Internship: Walt Disney World – Facilities and Operations Services

 Why do you love ISE?  ISE is all about efficiency and organization and that’s how I’ve always been wired and see the world. It’s all the things I love and I couldn’t ask for a better major!

Something interesting about yourself? I can play the ukulele!



Brandon Brewton

BEC Representative

Year: Junior

Why do you love ISE?  I enjoy the various applications and work experiences ISE has exposed me to. Rather than feeling limited to a single specialization, ISE allows you to go in many different directions.

Something interesting about yourself? I produce music in my free time, and I love to travel abroad.




Can Gokalp

Can Gokalp

Athletics Director

Year: Master – 2nd year 

 Why do you love ISE?  ISE allows me to stay on top of many different disciplines. The versatility of this degree has helped me develop into a well rounded individual. 

Something interesting about yourself? I was a soccer player back in Turkey. I am the first graduate IIE officer.