Elections will take place on Wednesday, April 15th at 6:15 pm in Turlington L005.

The election nomination form will close Tuesday, April 14th at 11:59pm.

Candidate Requirements

  • Students seeking candidacy must have attended at least 2 IIE events in the past two semesters (Fall 2014 and Spring 2015).
  • Students seeking candidacy for an executive position must have already held a prior officer position.
  • Students seeking candidacy must sign up for the all the positions they want to run for BEFORE election day. Candidates cannot “slate down” to position they have not signed up for prior to election day.

Election Procedure

  • Elections will be run by the outgoing President with the support of the President-Elect once he/she is elected.
  • Positions will be voted on in the order they appear in the IIE constitution:
    • President

      Ultimately responsible for all events and activities; Legally accountable for all actions and decisions by IIE; Represents IIE to UF, companies and the ISE department; Responsible for attaining speakers for all meetings; Runs general body and officer meetings; Point of contact for all National IIE communications and tasks; Makes all decisions and policies for the overall benefit of IIE; Oversee Executive Board and Officer Core; Maintain IIE Officer Facebook group and GroupMe; Maintain Google Drive

    • Vice President of Internal Affairs

      Plan and run all internal events: happy hours, community service events, socials, IIE conferences, camping, etc.; Ensure General Body Meeting food and setup runs smoothly; Responsible for resume critiquing team; GBM sign in sheet; All room reservations; Plan officer social and dinner; Oversee Chapter Development chairs; Responsibilities may be interchangeable with those of VP External

    • Vice President of External Affairs

      Assist President with corporate involvement; Plan Career Showcase Crash Course and partner with other student organizations; Plan Plant Tours for current semester/next semester; Organize and run Green Belt Classes; National IIE scholarship nominations and paper competition; Lead efforts in creating and ordering IIE apparel; Lead workshops; Oversee Networking and Athletics director; Responsibilities may be interchangeable with those of VP Internal

    • Treasurer

      Manage assigned budget from ISE Department; Maintain communication with ISE Department and IIE advisor; Create semesterly budget; Write and submit SG budget to BEC; Handle reimbursements; File taxes for IIE; Write and submit Special Activity Requests as needed; Manage all financial accounts; Maintain information on available capital and current cash flows; Oversee Fundraising Director and BEC Representative

    • Communications Director

      Disseminate announcements to IIE members via: Facebook Group, Listserv Newsletters via MailChimp, Non-ISE e-mail list via MailChimp; Utilize UF IIE Twitter and Instagram; Post events on Facebook and website with help from webmaster; Create and send monthly Company Newsletter; Take notes for officer meeting minutes; Oversee Webmaster

    • M&M Program Coordinator

      Create semester plan and goal for M&M program; Pair up Mentors/Mentees at beginning of semester and throughout as necessary; Plan and host Mentor/Mentee professional events and socials; Send weekly emails to all M&Ms; Maintain point system and implement rewards; Keep track of inventory for and order M&M t-shirts; Work with P&G sponsors to receive budgeting and plan events with representatives; Pair “Big” Mentors from YAAB with pairs of M&M students; Provide opportunities for “Big” Mentors to interact with M&Ms; May select and oversee M&M Event Managers

    • Networking Director

      Connect ISE students to job and internship opportunities by organizing and supervising information sessions; Update the Opportunities Page; Manage the Corporate Network

    • Fundraising Director

      Plan fundraising events each month to raise money for Relay for Life (or current IIE fundraising cause); Team Captain for Relay For Life which entails attending the Relay Meetings; Manage merchandise and online store; Sell merchandise after each GBM; Distribute merchandise to buyers; Help with Green Belt Class (set up in fall, actual event in spring)

    • Chapter Development Chairs (2)

      Contact and follow up with restaurants; Handle all food, drink, and paper goods at all events; Track the food orders and attendance at meetings; Coordinate and assist with cleanup at end of meetings/events; Assist VP Internal with planning events; Create and execute meeting icebreaker activities; Chapter Development Plan (Fall); CAR Report (Spring)

    • Webmaster

      Update varying website items such as banners for upcoming events, current officer info, e-store products, and meeting slides; Implement projects on website to maximize website’s use as a resource to IIE members; Lead technical initiatives for IIE; Maintain/create pages for IIE events and services; Assist Communications chair; Work with any officer who needs information on the website; Must know or be able to learn WordPress

    • BEC Representative

      Attend weekly BEC meetings; Join a BEC Committee and organize some sort of event with other organizations; Gather and disseminate information from BEC meetings; Handle advertising done via BEC; Develop relationship and host/attend events with other organizations underneath BEC

    • Athletics Director

      Assemble and captain intramural teams; Manage football block with OEM (Fall); Be the football block Chairperson- attend weekly meetings (Fall); Coordinate IIE’s participation in GatorZone contests; Coordinate IIE effort for athletic events (ISE Olympics, Lake Wauburg social, etc)

  • Before voting for each position, candidates are allowed two minutes to speak on why they are the best choice for that position. During this time, the remaining candidates will wait outside the election room.
  • After each candidate has spoken, all candidates for the position will leave the room. There will then be a time for all the voters to discuss the candidates.
  • The total time for discussion will be one minute times the number of candidates (2 minutes for executive positions).
  • A voting member present may have 20 seconds to include any information or opinion about any candidate.
  • The members allowed to speak will be selected by the outgoing president
  • Voting will proceed once the discussion time ends or no more discussion is at hand.
  • Voting will be anonymous via a heads down / hands up vote.
  • The winning candidate must receive a simple majority vote. If only a plurality is attained, a runoff between the top two candidates will be held.

Nomination Form

Nominations are now closed. New officers are elected every Fall and Spring semester, so please try again next time!