Officer Descriptions

Published: November 19th, 2013

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Spring 2014 Officer Position Descriptions

President (Executive Board Position):

  • Ultimately responsible for all events and activities
  • Legally accountable for all actions and decisions by IIE
  • Represents IIE to UF, companies and the ISE department
  • Responsible for attaining speakers for all meetings
  • Runs general body and officer meetings
  • Point of contact for all National IIE communications and tasks
  • Makes all decisions and policies for the overall benefit of IIE
  • Oversee Executive Board and Officer Core
  • CAR Report (Spring)
  • Chapter Operations Plan (Fall)
  • Swipe Access
  • Maintain IIE Officer Facebook group
  • Maintain Google Drive


VP Internal (Executive Board Position):

  • Plan and Run All Internal Events:
  • Happy Hours
  • Underclassmen social
  • Gator Nights
  • Faculty Luncheon
  • Community Service events
  • Ensure General Body Meetings food and setup runs smoothly
  • GBM sign in sheet
  • Oversee Chapter Development Chairs
  • Plan officer social/party and dinner


VP External (Executive Board Position):

  • Coordinate reverse recruiting at Career Fair
  • Joint workshops with other societies
  • Plan Plant Tours for current semester/next semester
  • Assist President with corporate involvement
  • Oversee Networking and Athletics director
  • National IIE scholarship nominations
  • Organize and run Green Belt Classes

Treasurer (Executive Board Position):

    • Manage Dept. Student Org. Budget
    • Write and submit SG budget to BEC
    • Handle Reimbursements
  • Write and submit Special Activity Requests as needed
  • Manage Bank Account
  • Maintain information on available capital and current cash flows
  • Oversee Fundraising and BEC Rep.
  • Create Budget with President

Communication Director (Executive Board Position):

  • Compile Agenda & Meeting Minutes
  • Compile PowerPoints for meetings
  • Disseminate announcements to IIE members via:
    • Facebook Group
    • Listserv Newsletters via MailChimp
    • Non-ISE e-mail list via MailChimp
  • Create and distribute beginning and end of semester surveys
  • Oversee Webmaster
  • Post events on Facebook and website with help from webmaster


Mentor Mentee Program Coordinator

  • Create semester plan and goal for M&M program
  • Pair up mentors/mentees at beginning of semester and throughout as necessary
  • Plan and host mentor/mentee socials
  • Work with P&G sponsors to plan mentoring socials/case studies, organize t-shirts, P&G goodies etc.
  • Maintain relationship with P&G


Chapter Development Chairs (2)

  • Handle all food/drink and paper goods at all events
  • Coordinate and assist with cleanup at end of meetings/events
  • Assist VP Internal with planning events
  • Chapter Development Plan (Fall)
  • CAR Report (Spring)

Networking Director:

  • Assist with recruiting companies
  • Run any information sessions
  • Maintain internship database
  • Volunteer for other events/tasks


BEC Representative (Preferably Underclassmen):

  • Attend BEC meetings
  • Join a BEC Committee
  • Gather and disseminate information from BEC meetings
  • Handle advertising done via BEC
  • Develop relationship with other organizations
  • Volunteer for other events/tasks


Fundraising Director:

  • Plan fundraising events for Relay for Life (or current IIE fundraising event)
  • Manage merchandise and online store
  • Help with Green Belt Class (set up in fall, actual event in spring)
  • Volunteer for other events/tasks


Athletics Director:

  • Assemble and captain intramural teams
  • Manage football block for fall with OEM
  • Volunteer for other events/tasks


  • Post announcements on website
  • Maintain current officer info on website
  • Obtain and maintain contact info of past IIE Presidents
  • Maintain and update IIE calendar
  • Assist Communications chair
  • Volunteer for other events/tasks

ISE SAC Undergrad Rep (Preferably Upperclassmen):

  • Attend monthly meetings with the ISE department chair
  • *Should be a upperclassmen with past officer experience in an ISE organization