To foster long-term mentoring relationships that support professional development in academic, leadership, and social facets.


The M&M Program isthe Mentor and Mentee Program for the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers, University of Florida chapter. M&Ms are offered unparalleled access to networking, undergraduate scheduling advice, socials, professional development, and more! Each semester, the program hosts unique and exciting events such as UF Scavenger Hunt, Bowling with P&G, Beach Volleyball, community service, and the semesterly Trivia Night. Furthermore, weekly emails are sent to all M&Ms with career tips and information about events on campus. Top participating M&Ms are eligible for exclusive prizes!


Want to know more?

The program is currently sponsored by Procter & Gamble and led by the Spring 2017 M&M Coordinator, Gregory Wiley.  Have questions or suggestions? Email him at mmcoordinator@ufiie.org.

All UF Industrial and Systems Engineering students are invited and encouraged to become a Mentor or a Mentee.  If you are interested, the matching survey can be found here. You can also join our Facebook group for more information and updates.

If you’d like to help plan the M&M program, apply to be an event manager! Check the form out here!